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Studio 606

The Foo Fighters are Notorious for having their own state-of-the-art recording studio called Studio 606. The Band has recorded most of their albums in this exclusive studio including their latest; Sonic Highways. 

     Upon entering the studio, you are greeted  by a grand hallway of awards won by the Foo Fighters alongside exclusive memorabillia from other bands, including rare vinyl pressings from Johnny Cash and many others. The band referred to this studio as a "Place to keep and hold all of our achievements." 

The Studio then opens up to a large soundproof room typically used for the recording of drums and orchestral intruments. 

    In Studio 606, They use a Neve 8078 mixing board. This type of mixing board was the last of hand wired analog mixing consoles, which was typically used in the 70's. Aproximately only 20 consoles like this one exists today and the rarity adds value. Artists such as Nirvana, Pink Floyd and the Dire Straights have recorded on this specific console. Dave Grohl personally purchased this console for Studio 606

This is the main mixing area, where all the tracks are mixed together with all the different instrumental and vocal components. Specifically for this studio, Dave Grohl opted to use no digital components when recording his albums, so in the back right-hand side, you can see the tape recorders which are used to record their components. 

In the basement of Studio 606 is where you can find the storage of the studio. The Foo Fighters keep extra merch and equipment used for touring. This includes drums, pyrotechnics, and records. 

And Of course, the Studio has a full area where the band can preform their newest tracks, decorated with flags of the bands various logos and album covers.

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